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No need to wine about it.

Whether it’s your first goon bag drunk off a clothes line or a sophisticated glass filled with Pinot from the Barossa, wine is a big part of Australian life. Even in our festivals. Last week, Hot Dub Wine Machine’s national tour smashed online ticket sales and reached Final Release tickets in a matter of two hours. Australian punters love a good wine festival, and organisers are finding new and better ways of standing out from a crowd. But how do you do this? What factors will ensure it’s success? We’ve got the know-how and our online ticketing system that will get you through.

So, let’s get to it. How do you sell tickets online for a wine festival?

Wine Festival Game of Rhones
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Give it a theme

Over the years, we have seen many different events that incorporate wine in new and different ways. They have done this by establishing an interesting theme for their event. This theme could be anything! From celebrating a certain location, like Orange, and their cold-climate wines, to celebrating a cult tv-show! The new event that was unveiled last year Game of Rhonesobviously inspired by the global HBO hit Game of Thrones. All aspects of the wine festival were a tribute to the cult tv show, with people dressing in costume, and drinking the wine to rule supreme. Focus your wine festival around a central theme and watch the tickets soar!

Find some good tunes 

Hot Dub Wine Machine was a genius idea, pairing wine with the good time delivering DJ Hot Dub Time Machine, plus a slew of other hot Australian bands. A typical music festival can sometimes have lacklustre drink choices. Half-strength beers that cost $12 usually get the punters a little pissed off. The beauty of this new music/wine festival hybrid means that people aren’t let down in the drinks department, with punters getting a premium drink with premium wine. Hot Dub weren’t the first to think of this. Bottle Shop Concept’s Pinot Palooza has been around for a few years now, with the music & red wine festival featuring a “lineup” of wines that are released on a poster akin to one of a hot festival. Marketed as “wine that rocks,” they match a day of wine tasting with cool, upcoming bands that certainly match the mood. Finding a way to connect music to your wine festival will certainly increase interest and hence your online ticket sales.

Raise some money 

A great way to raise money for a charity or special cause is to host a wine festival. Wineries or wholesalers will see it as a marketing opportunity and will offer samples, and guests will get to enjoy a great variety of wines for a great cause! Everybody wins.

Wine Festival Wine Island
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Think outside the box 

The best way to sell tickets online is to create an event that’s a little bit different. Australia loves drinking wine in the sun, a big key a good wine festival. But this one takes the cake. A great idea for a wine festival was launched last year in November akin to this logic: Wine Island. An entire island dedicated to a wine festival out on an unused little island just off Sydney Harbour. Here, guests were able to taste 100 of Australian and NZ-made wines with great views, in a gorgeous oasis away from the city.

Wine Festival Hot Dub Wine Machine wine glass
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Be environmentally-friendly

One thing that all festivals and events are becoming more aware of is the environment, especially with huge events like an outdoor wine festival. A great idea by Hot Dub Wine Machine in their inaugural festival at Serafino Winery in Mclaren Vale is they charged 50c for a plastic wine glass to deter littering. This was lauded on social media as a triumph, as people didn’t mind keeping the one cup all day and buying new bottles of wine to fill them up. If you do want to host a wine festival, make sure you keep it environmentally friendly. Encourage recycling, ensure constant maintenance and coverage of all waste and recycling bins, think about reducing and reusing the waste. This will not only be much appreciated by fans but by mother nature too.

The new age wines 

A great wine festival idea celebrates and includes the environment-conscious lifestyles that are becoming increasingly popular. Bio-organic wines, vegan wines and many others is a great way to include a group of people that may be typically excluded from wine events (many wines contain milk proteins, egg whites or animal proteins.) As veganism becomes more popular, offering vegan wine may be just what the doctor ordered.  Or for the health-conscious: natural wine. Good for the body as it contains no preservatives or additives, just pure, natural wine that gives you a great time sans a hangover.

Wine Festival Wine Island Chur Burger
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Provide some premium food

Soak up some of that alcohol and showcase the flavours of the region by providing a great range of food. And lots of it. Festivals in the past have supplied picnic hampers, cheese stalls, or they’ve hired food vans to serve out piping hot wood-fired pizzas or ever-popular burgers. Or if this doesn’t appeal, think of a new kind of food experience you can offer.

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