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They clicked on your event page but then left. What now?

Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes online and find them start to follow you around the Internet, every page you go? This is an example of retargeting campaigns, and definitely can be used in the events space. Let’s say a potential buyer, who is just surfing the web comes across your event and they are interested. Very interested indeed.


Events are not snap decisions. They need time and planning – who can they go with, how with they get there, can they even afford it? So, they click out of the event, and forget it about it for a while. This is the perfect audience to reconnect with at a later date, in order to secure some more ticket sales if need be.

Retargeting campaigns are one of the most effective ways of securing potential ticket-buyers and allows you to market to a targeted audiences of your choice. Whether it’s just previous visitors to your site, your email list, or lookalike audiences (people who have similar interests shown via social media and the like.) And not only does it bring back the people, it gives you insight to the kind of customer base you have, without the guesswork.

How it works is simple. A snippet of code on your website tags your site visitors with a cookie. Using this cookie, the code will send information back to you about which pages were viewed on your site by a specific visitor. It can then target them through the web and social media to remind them and re-engage with them on a timely basis. Here’s an example of our Portside event popping up in a mobile website.

Portside Retargeting campaigns





















Retargeting is also a great way to get past attendees to return. Sending an email out to last year’s or previous year’s attendees in due time for this one (sometimes even giving them a discount or pre-sale option a la Splendour in the Grass) is a great way to secure and reward loyalty. Past attendees, especially those who have visited a few years in a row, would want to alerted about the event via email, so they can start planning as soon as possible.

If you want retargeting campaigns for your event, you just need to consider these things.


How much time is there till your event?

If you have a vast period of time between the click-and-leave and the event, you can target visitors a few weeks after visitors. However, if the event is in a few weeks, you want people to be making an almost snap judgement, so target visitors within the next day or so to remain relevant. Just don’t bombard the user right away.

How much are the tickets?

Price would be a big reason why people click out. They see it’s a lot of money, and they instantly decline. But, this can be a driver to temptation. Does your event have early-bird release tickets? Send out a retargeting ad reminding people that early bird tickets are almost finished, and you’ll find a big response.

Do you have eye-catching images?

Browsers will be attempting to pay attention to something else when you swoop in: therefore make the image eye-catching and evocative. Make sure you have some beautiful images that will make your retargeting much more effective. Especially ones that will give your ticket-teasers FOMO.

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