New Years Eve Planning

How to celebrate New Year’s Eve the right way

New Year’s Eve Parties can be very special. They can also be a total let-down. At IWannaTicket, we have years of supplying the ticketing for New Years Eve parties to give you a When Harry Met Sally moment, rather than a Y2K. This year, we’re helping events that range from masquerade balls atop a gorgeous rooftop to luxurious Japanese banquets on the shore of Sydney Harbour. So, we’ve compiled a list for the do’s and don’t’s that we’ve come across for the New Year’s Party Planning Season.


DON’T: Do the same thing every year

If people find a good spot for New Year’s Eve, they’ll want to keep coming there year after year after year. If that good spot is your bar, restaurant, event, then you are the lucky ones. It’s up to the fireworks people to make that part of the night special, but what about the rest. Even if you have a good location and view, doesn’t mean you should just rest on your laurels. NYE has a lot of high expectations for the night to be exciting and memorable, so make sure to shake things up every year. Get new DJ’s, make them bigger and better every time. Offer new food and drink choices. Find new sponsors. Find new decorations. Make 2016 THE party they’ll never forget (till 2017 of course.)


DO: Make it a dress-up party!

One way to shake it up is to dress it up. Give your party a theme! A few examples include Opera Bar with their “Glamorous Beach Best” or Cruise Bar with their Masquerade Ball. People love dressing up and what better excuse than the last night of the year.


DON’T: do enough pre-planning

Long lines are the devil. Whether it’s to get in, to go to the loo, to get a drink, to get upstairs. With a lot of people, means a lot of lines. If you don’t do enough pre-planning, limit the amount of people, have on sufficient bar staff and have sufficient facilities, people may only remember waiting in lines for the whole party.


DO: Use RFID wristbands

You may have heard we love RFID technology here at IWannaTicket, and with good reason. This new technology can reduce lines, and even help with buying drinks. Certain bars and events are now using this technology for guests at the bar, so it doesn’t have to be the age-old process of wet, sticky notes on the bar, or waiting ages for the card machine to ping! We highly recommend using these for your New Year’s Eve Party if possible.


DON’T: Just use social media before the event

It’s 2016: we know social media is crucial for the marketing of any event. You can use previous social media pics from yester-years events in your promotional material, to build up suspense and to show what a good time it will be. You can make a literal countdown clock using Instagram pictures. You can speak directly to your guests via Facebook chat. You can show the setting up process on Snapchat. However, social media doesn’t stop there.


DO: Use it DURING the event, as well

One of 2016’s biggest upcoming trends and something that is only due to get bigger in 2017 is crowd-sourcing and live-streaming through social media video apps. On the night of the event, it’s so important to keep the social media ball rolling using Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook Live and so many other things. Don’t just use it yourself, encourage the guests to join in. Guests can create some of the best content to stream out to millions of people all around the world, showing off your amazing event.

DON’T: Not have a good time

As event planners, we hope you have a good time on NYE as well as your guests.

DO: Join the party

Your work is done. You deserve a few glasses of bubbly as well!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all IWANNATICKET fans out there.

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