It’s all about custom ticketing solutions

Every event is unique. They require different reporting systems, they answer to a different audience, there are different features needed in order to help get the tickets flying out the door. Because of this, this best thing for your event is an online ticketing system that moulds to your individual needs as a company, rather than just being a one-size-fits-all formula. How IWannaTicket differs from others is we consider ourselves “ticket consultants” rather than just a ticketing companies. We work with the event managers personally, handling each event on a case-by-case basis, coming up with unique ticketing solutions that suit the client.

Seamless Integration

One ticketing solution we’ve offer is seamless integration into your website, allowing your brand to be exemplified. A prime example of this was our work with The Old 505 Theatre, a renowned Newtown theatre company, which offered many events all on the one website.

The Old 505 Theatre || Sell tickets online

Because of this, they didn’t want to their buyers to be catapulted to a new website, each time they clicked a Buy Now Button. Therefore, we integrated a white-label iFrame widget into their website.  


The Old 505 Theatre Website Integration || Sell tickets online


This allows shopping cart consistency, as being led into a third-party website can be overwhelming, especially to an on-the-fence ticket buyer. Keeping customers on the page helps minimise cart abandonment, as it makes buying into a quick and easy process. This was imperative to our client The 505 Theatre, so we were able to hear that problem and adhere to it.

Custom solutions

The Royal Botanic Gardens was another client that needed a custom ticketing solution. Their new events space The Calyx is all about innovation, sustainability and showcasing talent. They needed their ticketing systems to be more than just the typical methods, and cover a whole range of opportunities. Therefore, we installed our widget on their website. But on top of that, we went off the grid, literally, and introduced a self-service kiosk on the site. This encouraged more ticket sales to be sold at the actual venue itself.

IWannaTicket The Calyx Royal Botanic Gardens
The Calyx Kiosk || Sell tickets online

Although we are usually all about selling tickets online, this allowed another pathway for tickets to be sold. Plus, it kept up with the innovation that the Calyx wanted to be known for. It allowed an accessible, easy-to-use point of sale for both ticket payment and reporting, and offered real time customer data and analysis to our clients.

New technologies 

As an event manager, you need to be keeping up on the many new ticketing technologies that arise. One such technology taking over music festivals all around the world is RFID. RFID (Radio-Frequency Indicator) works as an entry bracelet as we initiated at Caloundra Festival and Woodford Folk Festival. At these festivals, punters donned RFID bracelets, instead of holding printed cash tickets, and scanned their bracelet on one of our RFID ticket scanners for entry. This reduced lines, reduced waste and was an-all together easier ticketing process.

IWannaTicket Caloundra Music Festival RFID

Caloundra Music Festival || Sell tickets online

IWannaTicket’s system is to answer directly to the needs of each unique event, with a knowledgable and local team that’s only a phone call away. We will work closely with event managers and your team to fix any challenge that arises to ensure it’s runs like clock-work on the day.

If you are looking to work with an online ticketing platform with a difference, contact us at support@iwannaticket.com.au

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