Data Capture

Before computers, manual data entry must of been a pain in the neck. Thank God for the invention of the computer and automated data capture systems! With data capture, you can collect and manage all sorts of info about your customers, and it makes event manager’s job a whole lot easier. That’s why it’s important to have a proper data capture strategy in place, as this will help bring those customers back year after year. A good data capture strategy allow you to better understand your customers and enhance your relationship with them. Here’s why.

Gain Specialised Data For Your Event

It is important to identify what information you require to allow you to meet your objectives. Good practice is to start by working out what information is most important. What do you need from your customer? Whether that’s just an email or phone number to keep in contact, give friendly reminders and updates about the event and keep in touch after the event has concluded. Perhaps if you have a food event, you’ll want a record of what dietary requirements or preferences are. But beware, only make sure you are collecting useful data. If you can’t think of a use for it, don’t ask for it. Customers will appreciate the streamlined ticket buying portal and be more receptive to buying in the future.

Eliminate Anonymous Buyers

A big problem with trying to collect data from each client comes when one person is buying multiple tickets for themselves AND a few of their mates or colleagues. They collect the money from their friends, and they all go to the event, everything’s fine and dandy on their end. But your company has missed out on tonnes of valuable and individual data, that you could of used. We call these people “anonymous buyers,” and it’s something you want to avoid in a successful data capture strategy. In this situation, it is important to be assertive and persistent in your online ticketing system. Use an online ticketing system that reminds them, and don’t give them the ticket unless they fill out proper data fields for each and every person attending your event. And if they forget, gently remind them in post-payment, with direct marketing reminders through email or text.

Don’t Allow Incorrect Data

Sometimes, customers give you the wrong data, they don’t want you contacting them. But a simple check at the point of collection will make your lives a whole lot easier in the long run. Any instance in which you collect data, from email to address to phone number, you should have a consistent check across all channels. The more sophisticated the validation checks, the more likely you’ll collect correct and valuable data. An example of this can be making sure the birth date is over 18, checking the state has been bought in the same state or country that the event is held, or just requiring the best email to send over tickets. 

Are you looking to improve your data capture strategy?

IWannaTicket’s data capture strategy allows you to capture as much data as ticket-sellers need from their customers. We can provide specialised fields in the buying process, and don’t provide tickets unless all buyers have filled it out post-payment. Our system will automatically remind your customers to give you the required customer data and also help in many other aspects of analysing and interpreting your customer’s intel. We also don’t force your customers create an account with us when they purchase tickets from your event. This means no annoying username and password to fill out, just an simple, easy process. This will make your customers receptive to buying tickets for your next event. 

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